To tired adults

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O my tired, don't you see, don't you feel that you are tired?

You go, you come, you do, you act, you are restless.

The Sunday that should rest you is the time of all possible distractions.

Your bodies are exhausted, your hearts are exhausted, your psyche is exhausted, your soul is miserable, abandoned, desperate.

O my tired children, come and rest before me, in my heart!

Everywhere, you are asked to act, to be efficient, to demonstrate your abilities,

While I, your God, ask nothing of you, except to rest before my holy tabernacle.


There you don't need any words, no reasoning, no scholarly book.

It is enough for you to be in front of me and I will heal you, I will heal you, I will console you, I will rest you, I will restore your whole being which is dilapidated,

For you keep coming and going, fleeing your own heart.

Women after their work have so much to do at home, and, hardly finished, so tired,

They open the liar, the soul thief, the television set; the man does the same.

And your brains still have to record frame after frame, impurity after impurity, often stupidity after stupidity,

Word after word, incessant chatter, so that you no longer sleep.

How many of you are no longer getting a real restful sleep!

And so it is the race for doctors and harmful drugs: Doctors don't heal the soul so well that you don't really heal!

Because in this race to do, to act, to culture, to shows, to vacations, to activities,

It is your soul that is suffering, it is your soul that cries, it is your soul that cannot live, that is suffocating.

It is she who must be looked after, it is her who must be given space, it is she who must be listened to, it is she who absolutely needs to live,

Because you are on earth only for that: to make it live in its God. Yes, you are on earth only for that.

And until you know it, you are not guilty. Only you are in constant pain and live in an exhausting whirlwind.

Now, today I tell you. Listen to me. You are on earth only to know and love me,

To expand your soul where I am, to live with me, to rest and act in me; you are on earth only for that.

However, you neglect this ultimate necessity, this unique necessity.

Hence your suffering, your insomnia, your races for money, for power, for love, for relationships.

Hence your thousand times disappointed thirst to be recognized, to be considered,

Hence the unbalanced taste for collecting objects, and sometimes people, to make them your worry, your daily anxieties.

Hence the greed, the fear of giving, the need to accumulate.

Hence the race for multiple activities, multiple sports, novelties, the latest trends, short-lived adventures.

All because you forget or don't know that this frantic research is actually hiding

the only research you're made for that would make you happy:

The search for your loving God, the meeting with me who awaits you and who gives all good, both material and spiritual.

I, in whom you would find rest and fulfillment, balance and true enterprise, for I am the entrepreneur of everything, of everything new. I am the New par excellence, the never seen, the never heard, the never imagined.

I am everything and I give everything to anyone who opens the door of their soul to me.

O my dear tired children, I see you in the stations, in the cities, in the supermarkets;

I see you on the ski slopes, in social evenings, in pubs, in nightclubs (!),

I see you in bars, factories, offices, I see you on the roads, in trains, subways, buses, I see you.

My heart is bleeding, for you are without food, without joy, without a reason to exist.

You run towards ephemeral goods, you die to yourselves, you are often the shadow of yourselves,

Your mouths speak, your limbs move, but your soul dies, your hearts die.

Your loneliness is extreme. I see you on Sunday, alone, in the apartments, in front of the televisions,

Without love, in the squares, desperately looking for someone to talk to.

I see couples alone at home, because they no longer speak to each other.

I see those who die alone.

I see you wandering the cities, from bar to bar, from street to street, from store to store, from shopping to shopping,

To try to drive out the enemy inside you, the emptiness, the absence, the terrible loneliness.

I see you searching the Internet for other connections to fill the boredom of your family and married life, the boredom of your life.

I see you trying anyway to forget the huge sadness, the huge weariness, the unbearable anguish that torments you.

And many of you don't know that I'm the one to heal you.

I am the only one who can cure you of it. My beloved poet knows it, she who was cured of it! My beloved knows it, who has suffered from it for so many years!

I see, o my sufferers, all your struggles to get out of the horrible despair that dwells within you. Because it is, this despair, unbearable, inhuman.

But you take the wrong route, you are being misled:

The more you do, the more activities, outings, relationships you have, the more your soul will burn itself and suffer,

And as a result your body will breed disease after disease to force you to stop and think.

These illnesses will be the last hope for you to come back to yourself.

But why so many years of sadness, my suffering, my tired?

Why ? While God wants to give you all healing, if you will listen to him.

I offer you today to start healing, without medication, without suffering, without the need for money, for free.

You just come before my holy tabernacle, go into my churches, sit there, and stay before me.

ou have nothing to do but rest there and receive my love which will heal your unhappy soul and your already afflicted body.

Many of you go to Buddhists or sign up for Zen or martial arts classes that you feel are finally soothing your soul.

They then commit themselves to amounts of exercise, complicated, long, painful breaks, hours of meditation.

All because your soul can't take it anymore and you are looking for me and you don't know where I am and you are not told


I am not in the zen postures, I am in the tabernacle of all the churches

And I cure all illnesses faster and without complicated strain.

The only need is to sit down and rest before my open heart burning with love for you.

O my dear tired people, how I love you! that I am looking for you!

How I suffer because I can't heal you because you don't ask me to.

You are looking everywhere else for what only I can give.

I see you exhausted, I see you without real shelter, without caresses, and I am all caresses, all shelters.

Oh ! How much I am suffering. I am the King of kings, but I can only offer my treasures,

for my subjects are free: they are free to come to my Palace, to walk there, to open all the doors and to use as they please.

But I can't force them, I can't force them to come to me, I can't implore them,

Because I who created them, I made them in my image and in my likeness:

I made them Free; even if it means suffering endlessly.

For my goods are only to be given, my joy is only to be given, my heart is only to be given.

O my dear children, although adults, suffering from a thousand unexpressed wounds, from a thousand resentments, from a thousand lack of love,

O my little ones, although apparently great, but so suffering, so painful, so secretly humiliated or disappointed or desperate,

My children, my tired, my exhausted, come and rest in my heart. Come quickly, your God begs you,

your God is on his knees to ask it of you.

Save your souls so unhappy, so horribly mutilated. I will give you all graces.

In these shortening times, I will give you all graces,

So that you understand, that you believe, that you know,

That everything I say is truth, that what I say is done, that I am God, that my word is act.

That my passion for you is unfailing until the end of time.

Your God.

(Jésus - via Monique Marie - Appel aux jeunes)