To all of you

Akiane son autoportrait 2

(Akiane - self portrait.CO-CREATION : a promise for All !)

Yes, I am alive and I love you infinitely and particularly.

I know each of your wounds, each of your torments, your most secret thoughts, your terrors, your desires.

I know them because I inhabit your soul, but you don't know that I live there ... So you don't come to visit me there,

I who can give you all the love that you lack, that of your father, that of your mother, that of your brothers and sisters.

I am in your soul, I knock, I knock for you to speak to me,

but you are told that I do not exist, so you resist, you do not answer me.

You languish, you despair, your life becomes a nightmare, a descent into hell,

a place of distractions and games, endlessly, so as not to hear my voice.

However, I manifest myself to you, constantly and this from your very early childhood.

But all around you there is only noise, only speeches that always say the same thing: God does not exist.

In offices, factories, colleges, high schools, universities, scientific research conferences,

Among doctors, lawyers, psychologists: God does not exist ...

And you have heard this speech so much that you no longer seek to verify it.

You live with this terrible, terrifying absence, because it is leading you to death.

And when you grow up you start to dabble in alcohol, drugs, unhappy adventures.

And as soon as this fold is taken, Satan is master. You don't see anything anymore.

You can no longer grasp anything of myself.

You are so deep in the lie of society,

And I must still come and beg my prophets to come and tell you: I exist, you have been lied to, you have been lying for almost a century.

With the philosophers of the 18th century, penetrated the spirit of lies and arrogance, the spirit of destruction, the spirit of evil,

The spirit of doubt and free will, the spirit of freedom which is none other than slavery.

And you have been watered in middle and high schools with this stale food, these poisons breathed in every day in sufficient doses,

So that your mind is completely in chaos and skepticism.

The Church, my holy Church, has been so criticized and so distorted that you perceive only a stub of it and that your intelligence has closed to its Mystery.

You've been lied to about everything: about science, about history, about religion. You have been lied to to destroy my church and give your souls to the evil one who rejoices.

But my heart is not rejoicing, my heart is bleeding. That of the Most Holy Trinity bleeds unceasingly,

While tears of blood flood the face of my most holy mother.

Now we must say, we must denounce, we must dare to tell you the truth, O my youth because you belong to me.

You belong to your God, who made you like him, who prepared the whole kingdom for you,

who hasn't kept it to themselves, but who waits and wants you to share it.

This Kingdom, my Kingdom, is yours, O my sons, O my daughters, O my children, O my adolescents,

Stop listening to the lies of a company that wants you so badly.

I am alive, I love you, I will lead you to the most beautiful pastures, to innumerable greenery, to the beauties of my kingdom.

I will teach you to live with me endlessly. You will never be alone again, you will no longer be isolated, you will be constantly consoled.

You will know the joy of living, of breathing, of loving; The joy of being. You will begin to live. Believe in me.

For 2000 years I have been embodied, the only son of the father. This incarnation is true. I really lived.

I taught, I comforted, I raised from the dead, I healed all who approached me: lepers, cripples, blind, paralytics. I did that.

Thousands of men and women seeing me believed me and became my disciples.

Then I died ignominiously on a cross, because I am. But I was resurrected and appeared to 70 of my disciples.

This is all true.

So much so that millions of men and women over the past 2000 years have died to testify that all of this is true.

They accepted all kinds of persecution for me.

They agreed to be imprisoned, devoured by wild animals in arenas, flogged, crucified, for me.

Saine Blandine died in joy for me.

Saint Joan of Arc at the age of 19 agreed to die burnt alive while kissing me.

And you can believe that these thousands, these millions, of men and women who gave their lives to testify that I exist,

Can you reasonably believe that they were all sick, or dull, or in the grip of some reverie?

And may this reverie continue 2000 years after my death all over the planet! Doesn't that make you think?

May the Chinese in the midst of the communist world today accept imprisonment, torture for my name! Doesn't that make you think?

May thousands of men, women, children believe in my name, love me, do extraordinary works!

Think of Mother Teresa, Sister Emmanuelle, the Bronx brothers: doesn't that make you think?

How can such faith? Why ? How can this be? Because I exist, because I am alive,

Because my father really revealed himself to the Jewish people 3,800 years ago.

Because my father spoke to this people through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Because he really sent Moses; because all of this is true.

Because the Bible is the book of God and I am truly his only son, the redeemer of your souls,

Come by the most holy Virgin Mary, the all pure, the all beautiful, the very abandoned to my Love.

Do not be afraid anymore, my children, I really exist. You can be reassured. In my arms there are no illusions.

I am the living one, the lover of your souls, the one who awaits you,

The one who takes care of you, who has counted all the hairs of your heads,

The one who will heal you from every disease, the one who will heal every wound you have,

Anointing them with the balms of my loving majesty, the most delicate ointments, the most fragrant oils,

That will relieve all your sorrows, each of them, not one that is not forgotten, not one that I will not take care of, if you come back to me.

I am the truth, I am the way, I am all consolation.

O come back! Believe in me.

(Jésus - via Monique Marie - Appel aux jeunes)