To separated divorced remarried

Do not think that I am forgetting you in this little notebook of Love, because you are at the heart of my sufferings.

You are my sufferers, because when you were young you were not taught what Love really is, and how you choose a husband or wife for life.

So that you are looking for that Unique husband or wife passing from one to the other or from one to the other, no, for lightness or a taste for change !

No, it's the opposite ! Because you are truly looking for this unique person, and that you definitely feel that you are entitled to it.

Akiane mauvais choix

(Akiane’s painting)

You are right. You were entitled to this happiness and you are looking for what I have promised, I your God whom you do not know.

You seek to live what exists deep within yourself : Love.

Alas, we did not give you the right way to meet him

And you experience this deception, through all the suffering that comes with separations!

Akiane les souffrances qui accompagnent les separations

(Akiane’s painting)

Suffering for yourself first of all, because no bond is untied without suffering

And your body being involved in them, it is your whole being that undergoes them.

Suffering then for your children which you feel very deeply, even if you do not talk about it.

Because you do everything to "everything goes well".

But this all, you know, you see, in no way prevents their suffering,

And yours which necessarily redouble,

For your hearts as parents having been opened to motherhood and fatherhood,

nothing can reach your children without reaching you,

Likewise if you don't admit it!

I come to you, o parents hungry for Love. I come to you ! I come to console you.

Akiane je viens vous consoler

(Akiane’s painting)

When you find my words on this page,

You may be in the first or second divorce,

Without having reached the Joy you are looking for and looking deep inside yourself,

You will know that I am telling the truth.

Where is the happiness? I looked for it and I couldn't find it!

No, you haven't found it, but I want to give it to you, me, your loving God!

Come to my source, listen to what I will whisper in your ears, to all your being hurt.

Akaine venez a ma source

(Akiane’s painting)

Listen, oh, listen!

I come to love you, to lead you back to the sources of living water that you are looking for.

Now you can start all over again.

Akiane ma croix que vous n avez pas comprise

(Akiane’s painting)

You see, on the cross that you do not understand,

that you never look at, because it scares you,

On the cross, I took all your wounds. I did not judge them.

I allowed myself to be beaten and flogged and crucified in order to repair your bodies which were themselves flogged, wounded, disfigured.

I have taken all your pain! I have burnt her to Love.

So you can start all over right away and relive!

How to relive ? Your family is broken up, the desperate children. How to relive ?

Allez chercher ma croix 1

Go and get my Cross.

Put it in your house, in the middle of your family, as it is,

With its sufferings, its sins, its anger, its arguments, its resentment, its disappointments, its bitterness, its regrets.

Do not wait until you get better to start with me, the almighty, a new life.

Put my cross and for now, do only one thing ... look at me on this cross and say:

Priez moi que vous ne connaissez pas


« O Lord whom I do not know, who died on the Cross, while you were innocent of all evil,

Deliver me from suffering. Deliver me from evil!

I don't know how, I don't know where to look for help!

I did what you asked me to do: I put your cross on the wall of my house.

I beg you, guide me. You promised ! You always keep your promises!

I come to you, I beg you, bring me to life ! " 


I come to you, parents, if you do what I ask you today,

You will see that little by little your soul will know me

And that you will find the Love you seek and rest.

beg, give me to live! "

Akaine vous trouverez lamour que vous cherchez et le repos

(Akiane’s painting)

Do not be afraid of me, for I am only the Love.

I will send you brothers and sisters who will bring you back to the cradle of my tenderness, for my cross will draw them to you.

They will lead you little by little on the fragrant paths of flowers and sweets, which I have reserved for you for these times of distress.

Trust  ! My cross only looked at, even without understanding it, or simply by questioning her, always answer,

Give and give again, and will not stop giving you. 

I am the living one.

I am the one who loves you and who seeks you!

Listen carefully. I am only asking you one thing, one thing, but I am asking it of you.

I promised you everything, if you will obey my imploration :

My cross, go and seek it, may it bless all your houses, may it console all distress,

May it remove quarrels, misunderstandings, hatred. Watch it every day.

Question her, implore her, annoy her, talk to her about everything, cry beside her.

And put the face of my holy Mother beside her.

Representation de la mere de jesus 1

Then everything will be done little by little. I promise, I do.

Akiane je promets je fais

(Akiane’s painting)

I am your God who seeks you,

Jesus Christ, only son of the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

(via Monique Marie - book "appel aux jeunes" - édition : rassemblement à son image - )