God is close to us

We had just finished renovating our dining room : Heaven seems to have inaugurated our new living space,

whose decoration was intended to welcome Heaven to our home, by a reminder of my color of the mantle of Mary from my statue in Medjugorje,

by freeing up spaces and hanging paintings representing flowers on which we blow to make them take off towards Heaven.

Medjugorje le 25 mars 1988

Dear children! Even today I call you to complete surrender to God.

Dear children, you are not aware of the love God loves you.

This is why he allows me to be with you, to teach you and help you find the path to peace.

But you can't find this way if you don't pray.

This is why, dear children, leave everything and devote time to God. He will then give you gifts and he will bless you.

Little children, don't forget that your life is fleeting

Like the spring flower which today is wonderful but which tomorrow no one knows ever existed.

Therefore, pray that your prayer and your surrender to God will be like a sign on the road.

So your testimony will have value not only for you, but for all Eternity.

Thank you for responding to my call.

During the work, the painter confided to me that, when he was about 7 years old, he had a dream of absolute reality, that is to say a dream,

In which he had seen a resplendent lady! But no one had been able to give him an explanation ...

When I showed him the statue of the Virgin Mary which had served as a 'color model', the painter was amazed: "It is exactly her! "

Peintre peignant 1

After the work, the craftsman told me another confidence: what we had asked him to do corresponded exactly to what he had imagined for us.

Later he introduced us to his children: his daughter, with a very bright personality, is called Chiara ...

My husband and I knew this name well because, the very evening of our wedding at the town hall, we had attended a conference 'Chiara Luce' ...

Chiara citation 1

That morning we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 1918 armistice.

A very special light fell on the furniture of our dining room.

She was coming in from the window above the front door ...

Tableau jesus lumiere

Then in the afternoon, a friend brought me one of the traveling paintings of Divine Mercy that I was only expecting for Tuesday ...

When she arrived, she placed the representation on the cabinet, but not in a centered way as I would have done:

So the rays of mercy, issuing from the Pierced Heart of the Lord, fell exactly at the place that had been illuminated at dawn !

Tableau jesus visite

It was the third day of the associated novena : Today bring to me all the pious and faithful souls

and immerse them in the ocean of My Mercy. These souls consoled me on the road to Calvary.

They were that drop of consolation in an ocean of bitterness " !

Misericorde 1

That Sunday, I was already engaged via the Rosary of Divine Mercy in two other novenas:

- on the ninth day, for the request for a meeting for a divorced person who had nine children,

- on the third day, for maternity for a person who had aborted four children.

Le repentir 2