I will give you Love

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Love exists and I will give it to you : on earth you can love,

you will find a husband or wife who will love you all your life,

who will share your sorrows and your joys all your life,

I, your God, will give you this bridegroom, this bride.

Because it is I who am The Love, and it is I alone who can make it live for you.

I offer you love on earth, a woman who really loves you, a man who really loves you, someone you can really count on.

I offer it to you, but for this follow my law of life. Confide in me, pray every day for your future husband or wife, Call me every day.

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Young men, pray, pray in advance every day for your future bride,

so as not to be deceived by the evil one who hates My family

and who will try in every way to put you in contact with other charming young girls, which will not be the one which is intended for you and which awaits you.

Be careful. Go out little. Do like Saint Joseph who lived hidden in prayer.

Although he was over the usual age of marriage, he was not looking to the right or to the left for a young girl!

And so was given to her, the most beautiful of them, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception!

You too live in prayer and in my Presence.

Do not look for the one who will restore the Holy Family with you.

It will be given to you as to Saint Joseph, for such is my Love.

(extract from the musical Tobie et Sarah - the composer hears this music that Heaven transmits to him)

Which also means, that the young girl must choose her husband with discernment, by imploring the help of the Holy Spirit

and that she must also, during her childhood and adolescence, pray for him,

so that he is ready to accomplish this mission and that they are not disappointed and deceived one and the other in their choice.

(Revelation to Monique Marie – Call to the young)