I'm coming to get you

Jesus une des trois icones de toulouse 9

(One of de three miraculous pictures from Toulouse)

You have never been told about my Love. You haven't been told that in my kingdom everything is always new,

Every day, every moment, that we do not get bored, that I renew every second, may all childhood dreams, all the follies, all the most astonishing,

the most unsuspected inventions are there, creation of my Spirit of Love who ceaselessly gives and creates.

Noone told you about it, I say it again today. I say it again today to save you

from boredom, from ugliness, from habit, from loneliness, from isolation, from insults, from ordinary life.

I come to say it again to the world through my beloved, poet, to emphasize this extraordinary life for which you were made,

Nothing usual, nothing in common, no routine in my Kingdom, In my Holy Scripture, in my Holy parables... read and read again : they are always new.

You are my lost sheeps. I’am coming to get you.

(Revelation to Monique Marie – Book "Call to the young").