To young people

Photo miraculeuse jesus enfant 1

(Miraculous picture - Jésus young)

To young people and children. Let them know that I love them, let them know that I am alive ...

Telling them that they have been lied to is painful for them: my parents lied to me? My teachers lied to me? Have all the adults lied to me?

It is a poignant question, it is a hurtful discovery.

And yet you must tell them because the truth, if it hurts, is there for ultimate good:

The truth is to be done for their soul to be delivered, because their soul exists and they ignore it, it suffers in them and they know nothing about it.

You are given psychologists, psychiatrists and you are neglected to tell you the basics:

You have a soul and your soul is restless until it is in God. And it is she who is suffering. It is your soul that is dying of thirst and hunger.

She dies because she does not know the word of life which is in the Bible and in my Church.

When you start to give her the food she desperately needs, which is my word of love and truth,

Your soul so bruised will begin to live and your life will begin.

Yes, your parents, your teachers, society have lied to you and continue to lie to you.

Sometimes your parents have lied because they themselves don't know that I exist, me living it. They haven't read my book: The Bible, and couldn't get it to you.

For most of you, Your parents were born into an already atheistic civilization and are ignorant. Don't blame them.

You, seek me and forgive them. If you seek me, then someday they too will seek me and all things will be well.

As for the society in which you live, it was built on purpose on the destruction of the very idea of ??my existence.

She established an order in which I am not. She wanted, and still wants today, the destruction of man through that of God.

That’s why she’s guilty, greatly guilty. She was forged on a lie.

She destroyed the old order, of a society subject to the God of Love, to create a new order where man would be the absolute master.

This malevolence, this spirit instilled by Satan, is the one in which you have been bathing since kindergarten without realizing it.

Because you believed in your masters, you could not imagine that you were deceived, you could not suspect this vast conspiracy against you,

This desire to cut you off from me, so that the Church that I created may die, so that you may be prisoners of the spirit of pride in the hands of the evil one,

Delivered to his horrible henchmen, delivered to the suffering of loneliness, incomprehension, ill-being,

Delivered to the suffering of feeling around you a superficial world of pleasures and trivialities,

So that within you springs a different life, different feelings, a different thirst, a beauty, a passion ...

And little by little, by dint of false reasoning, of infatuated intellectualism, you forgot within you this strength, this thirst ...

Or, on the contrary, tired of this petty, ordinary life, given over to boredom, habitually, tired of the family table which has become a den of trouble and uncertainty,

You threw yourself into short-lived adventures, into alcohol, into drugs,

Because at least there was something going on, whereas in middle school, in high school, even at university,

Nothing really new was happening, nothing that really makes you want to live.

Some have even come so close to, oh what a pain, Satan, who hates you to such an extreme point that you cannot imagine.

But some of you gave yourself to him because at least they felt there was something exhilarating about it!

For your soul cries out, your soul necessarily claims infinity, total love, total donation, extreme life and no one has spoken to you about me in truth,

No one has come to tell you soon enough that I am the one your soul is waiting for and the only one who can fulfill it.

Because it is made for Extreme Love and it is restless until it is in me.

So everyone took their way away from me. How sad without your God! I am still in Gethsemane, in Golgotha ??...

I am still crucified. I am always given the crown of thorns.

Every child, every teenager who goes away is a new wound on my Most Holy Body!

No, you don't at all suspect the extreme affection you are experiencing. You have never been told about my Love.

You haven't been told that in my kingdom everything is always new, every day, every moment,

That we do not get bored, that I renew every second,

May all the childhood dreams, all the follies, all the most astonishing, the most unsuspected inventions take place there,

Creation of my Spirit of Love who ceaselessly gives and creates. We didn't tell you. I say it again today.

I come to tell you to save you from boredom, ugliness, habit, loneliness, isolation, name calling, ordinary life.

I come to say it again to the world through my beloved, poet,

to emphasize this extraordinary life you were made for, nothing usual, nothing in common, nothing routine

in my kingdom, in my holy scripture, in my holy parables: read and reread: they are always new.

You are my distant sheep. I'm coming to get you. I hunt the wolves that are around you,

I let them tear up my whole Body for this, for the wolves devour me to prevent me from saving you.

But I am not afraid of them, I am not afraid to die for you, because to see you away from me makes me die.

No, the wolves of arrogance, ugliness, lies, depression, the desire to die, no longer want to live,

Of no use, of boredom, of absurdity, of doubt, of loneliness, no, these wolves will no longer have power over you, because I am coming.

(Jésus - via Monique Marie - Appel aux jeunes)