To men

Photo miraculeuse sainte famille 2

(Photo miraculeuse - la Sainte Famille)

To men ! Let them stand up! Their model is Saint Joseph ...

It was he, who in the dark night in Bethlehem received from heaven the order to take the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Child away from Herod.

He was entrusted with the task of saving!

Now the Blessed Virgin was greater than Saint Joseph.

Queen of the earth and of the heavens, precedence would have logically meant that the heavens addressed her first.

However, it did not. It is Saint Joseph, the chaste spouse, the man who was awakened in the night for this mission of safeguarding the family.

Which means that he is the man who still has to save the family today.

Heaven turns to man to say: save your wife, save your children from evil, save your family.

Remove your children from places of perdition. Choose places of learning worthy of their status as sons of God. Teach them to pray.

Take them to church. Make them love the holy Catholic religion. Teach them, feed them from heaven!

As for Mary, the most holy, she obeyed Joseph and followed him.

This also means that the woman must submit to the one she has chosen as her husband before God and that she must trust him.

In the dark night, on unknown paths, it was Joseph who was the guide of this so painful family.

The woman must give her husband the place which is rightfully his: it is indeed up to the man, after having consulted his wife, that the major decisions fall.

It is to him that Heaven speaks for these, not that he is superior to the woman, but because our Supreme Wisdom has decided so, for the good of everyone.

Which also means, that the young girl must choose her husband with discernment, imploring the help of the Holy Spirit

And that she should also, during her childhood and adolescence, pray for him, so that he is ready to accomplish this mission.

And may not be disappointed and misled each other in their choice.

Life in God in marriage is preparing: it is not about the marriages you see taking place around you

And which for many are only fleeting and hurtful unions.

It is for you to radically transform this sad simulacrum into an everyday blessing.

However, this cannot be improvised. It is therefore necessary to prepare it by daily prayer and by sacramental life.

To you therefore, young people, it is proposed to you to reverse what is happening in our out of line societies.

Where the woman becomes a soldier, a policeman, a truck driver, You are asked to become men again,

In order to take your place back, so that women can also take theirs back!

We need them and we will need them more and more in all compassionate services

The number of which we will see, alas, necessarily increase, due to the misfortune befalling our societies.

Young men, take your place too, out of love for women.

How? 'Or' What ? First of all by praying.

It is my most holy mother, the Virgin Mary, who has the keys to Heaven.

By the humble recitation of the rosary, you will be at the same time with your model, Saint Joseph,

For he always stands chastely near the Blessed Virgin.

Little by little, he will make you his student and you will understand what you do not understand, or no longer understand, today about the true masculine nature.

Pray, pray! I will give you the strength and virtues lost today.

You will feel in your mind, your soul, your psyche, your body, the joy of being a man and what I have deposited in this particular state.

At the same time, you will have compassion for the woman who gets lost in roles that are not her own, and little by little, the balance will return.

However, none of this will happen, if you do not pray and if you do not receive the sacraments from my holy Catholic Church.

Young men, do not stop going to receive me (after having confessed your sins) in the most holy Eucharist

Where I will give you all the strength for this essential mission today, to build new families, in imitation of that of Nazareth.

Your role is essential. Your God needs you. The mission is difficult!

It is about following Saint Joseph in the dark night of the sin of your societies,

To flee, pursued by the hatred of all those who want to kill this Family of My Heart, where I rest,

Not knowing at the beginning where you will take refuge, because Saint Joseph was also unaware of it, but to follow him in spite of everything,

because you know that Saint Joseph ultimately found the land of Egypt as a refuge! So you will also find the refuge for your families!

Young men, pray, pray in advance every day for your future bride, so that you will not be deceived by the evil one who hates My family

And who will try in every way to put you in contact with other charming young girls,

which will not be the one which is intended for you and which awaits you.

Be careful. Go out little. Do like Saint Joseph who lived hidden in prayer.

Although he was over the usual age of marriage, he was not looking to the right or to the left for a young girl!

And so was given to her, the most beautiful of them, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception!

You too live in prayer and in my presence.

Do not look for the one who will restore the Holy Family with you. It will be given to you as to Saint Joseph, for such is my Love.

Hear, hear young people the cry of prayer; it’s no longer you who cry, but me, your God!

Your company will perish in the most excruciating agonies if you don't get to work!

You are 15, 18, 20 years old! Start! Save your country, first France, and then all of humanity.

I have placed in you man, through my supreme wisdom, the care to save, to act on matter by force and reasoning.

It's up to you to straighten out the sinking boat. It is up to you to find yourselves standing men, valiant, courageous, reassuring for women and faithful.

It’s up to you to imitate my holy adoptive father!

Without him, I would not have been able to accomplish my mission, my passion. I couldn't have saved you because I would have been killed as soon as I was born.

As I needed Saint Joseph, today I need you, my Joseph!

Pray, pray, I will straighten you, I will bless you, I will teach you to love, because finding yourself, you will be able to give yourself.

Jesus, your King of Love, your brother, your valiant companion, your painful friend on the cross.


As for you, the men who have not known my Love and who, seeking me through human love, have too often found nothing but disappointment,

I am looking for you too. I am looking for you ardently. I want to return you to your vocation, to my Love.

It is certainly difficult for you to understand this Love because you have not experienced it, but know, know that you will be able to experience it,

Despite all the disappointments and desolations that have invaded your hearts and souls. Yes, far from me, friends of my suffering heart,

One can only find sadness and bitterness, for I am the Love and it is I who give it ...

Having looked for it far from this ultimate source, you have found mockery, vagueness, pretense.

Come back, come back to me who can do anything and can above all console your hearts, your souls, your bodies hurt in the extreme.

Yes, your people are torn because Love is in you, a requirement that I have set, and nothing will be able to prevent you from seeking it.

(Jésus - via Monique Marie - Appel aux jeunes)