The development of this website

Au roi des rois 4

During the Epiphany weekend 2019, we had lunch with our friends, Mr. and Mrs. DIEUDONNE.

During this meeting, our friend introduced us to the website he was about to disseminate;

And I presented him this present site for which I have just acquired flyers.

Accueil plus jamais ca 6

The themes are closely linked: the story behind this present site is called "Around the same table" and,

that of our friends deals with wine, which symbolizes Joy at the Heart of the table ...

Among the texts read on the day of Epiphany, there is "the wedding feast at Cana": Jesus transforms water into wine at the wedding table!

Verre de vin 1

The box containing the flyers for this site was placed on the ELLE magazine of June 12, 2006:

At that time, Heaven was giving me many signs that the right person would be given to me.

I received them in particular via my friends but Madame Dieudonné lived far too far away ... However, on June 13, 2006, she wrote:

Etonnement 1

"Hello friends, I was amazed to discover that ELLE magazine had unveiled a moment in my life.

It was in Portugal two years ago ... remember the frenzy for those who were there.

It’s amazing ! Kisses to all."

Supporters de la france

In the magazine, it was the first time that I saw my friend's future companion in a photo ...

Mr. and Mrs. "DIEU DONNE" ("GOD GIDE") were presented as supporters of France !

The knowledge of the key to the meeting was given precisely via a Frenchwoman named Monique Marie ...

Bloquage de la france


The history of France is tinged with mystique!

This is unfortunately hidden in our official books.

So a little history, let's go back to the day of Epiphany 1412 with the historian Mgr Henri Debout :

On January 6, 1412, the day of the birth of Saint Joan of Arc (born in Lorraine like Mr. and Mrs. Dieudonné and me),

the inhabitants of Domrémy, the small village in eastern France, where Saint Joan of Arc lived as a child,

returned home after attending services on the beautiful feast of Epiphany.

Suddenly, in every home, without any external motive giving rise to it, a breath of joy penetrates hearts!

Astonished, the good villagers wonder, they open the doors, stand on the threshold of their cottages, examine the firmament. It’s in vain ...

Because nothing reveals the cause of the feeling of happiness they experience.

And here are animals themselves sharing this exuberance: roosters (one of the symbols of France) flap their wings

and, for two hours, make loud and prolonged sounds heard.

What is happening then? Jeanne, patroness of France, has just been born!

It is the divine response to the supplications that the kings and people of France have never ceased to raise to Heaven for a century.

Jeanne petite 1

Our cries were also heard !

Cries of our families who are collapsing, cries of our inability to find Love ...

With our Patron Saint Joan of Arc, let us open our life to God and walk towards the promised Victory !

Jeanne d arc sauve la france 3